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Plant Physiology

How does a plant take up nutrients and water? How does the plant use sunlight for energy? Plant physiology is the study of how the plant functions. Learn about the inner workings of the plant here.

Plasmodesmata: The Bridge To Somewhere
How do plant cells communicate with one another and translocate nutrients and water? Learn more about the plasmodesmata, which play an important role in plant cellular functions.

The Botany Of The Tobacco Plant
Tobacco is a controversial yet highly valuable plant. Learn more about the plant itself, including its anatomy and physiology, growth habit, and future uses.

CAM Plants: Survival In The Desert
How do cacti and other desert plants survive in those hot, dry conditions? They have a special adaptation called crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) which allows them to survive in low water conditions. Learn more about this mechanism and how these plants differ from regular plants!

Nutrient Deficiencies In Plants: What Causes Them?
What causes nutrient deficiencies in plants? It may not be due to just a lack of nutrients in the area of the roots. Find out what else can cause plants to be nutrient deficient.

Seed Priming: Speeding Up The Germination Process
Did you know there are ways to speed up the rate at which seeds germinate? Seed priming is a process which allows seeds to germinate more quickly and productively. Learn more about the methods used by experts to achieve faster and better seed germination.

Why do plants bend toward a light source? It is not simply a case of sun worship -- plant hormones are involved. Learn how phototropism occurs and for what reason.

The Plant Seed: The Secrets Within
There's a whole world inside a tiny plant seed! Learn more about the inner workings of a seed; how it reproduces, how it survives, and what conditions are required for germination.

Photosynthesis Study Guide

Annotated Course Of Study -- Plant Reproduction And Growth

Types Of Plant Cells

Through The Grapevine
What kind of plant produces the versatile grape? Learn more about grapevine biology here.

Parthenocarpy And Stenospermocarpy
How do fruits and vegetables become seedless, and how do they reproduce without seeds? Parthenocarpy refers to the production of seedless fruit, through either natural mutation or artificial means.

Plant Physiology

Induced Resistance In Plants: Do Your Plants Need An Aspirin?
How does a plant defense system establish itself in response to pathogen attack? Discover the physiological factors involved.

Journal Of Plant Physiology

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