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Plant Systematics

If you are interested in how plant species evolved over time and how they changed and should be arranged, you may want to look further into plant systematics. Explore this branch of plant science further and see if it's for you!

Arabidopsis thaliana: The Most Famous Plant You've Never Heard Of

Arabidopsis thaliana is considered a "model system" in biology, akin to the fruit fly in that it has been used to elucidate all sorts of biological mysteries. Learn more about this interesting plant and its usefulness as a biological model.

CAM Plants: Survival In The Desert

How do cacti and other desert plants survive in those hot, dry conditions? They have a special adaptation called crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) which allows them to survive in low water conditions. Learn more about this mechanism and how these plants differ from regular plants!

Plants Have Genomes, Too

We've all heard about the human genome project, but in 2000, a plant genome was completed. Many more plant genomes have been mapped since that time. Find out more about plant genomes - for example, did you know that many plants have more DNA than humans?

Corn Smut: Don't Worry, It's Safe To Read About...And To Eat!

Don't worry, this is a safe place to read about smut - corn smut, that is. Corn smut is a disease of corn - but this disease is different in that you can eat the disease as well as the corn (if you dare!)

Nutrient Deficiencies In Plants: What Causes Them?

What causes nutrient deficiencies in plants? It may not be due to just a lack of nutrients in the area of the roots. Find out what else can cause plants to be nutrient deficient.

The Anatomy Of Corn

Corn is yummy to eat, and can be used for a variety of non-food uses, too. Learn more about the plant's anatomy - why does corn have two root systems? What is the purpose of the corn silk?

The Botany Of The Tobacco Plant

Tobacco is a controversial yet highly valuable plant. Learn more about the plant itself, including its anatomy and physiology, growth habit, and future uses.

Plasmodesmata: The Bridge To Somewhere

Ever wondered how plant cells communicate with one another and translocate nutrients and water? This guide will teach you more about this unique process.

Phytoremediation: Cleaning The Soil With Flowers?

We know plants provide us with oxygen. However, they also can clean our soil and water, through phytoremediation. Find out more about phytoremediation and its utility in today's world.

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